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3-axis (one horizontal and 2 vertical direction) 360 degree Rotation Lasers: Combining from rotary lasers and line lasers.

Adopt Green Beam technology which is brighter 3 times than red beam, and the output of green laser beam is more than 5mw to match working range until 500M with detector.

3 axis setting-out at the same time to save more than 60% working time and 50% manpower saving. And no other kind of rotary lasers can be done in such short time.

No any cutting off beam in 3-axis working area, better than line lasers with dead beam area on the ground.

High speed rotation control technology to reach the green beam looks like static line beam as line lasers. You will no feel the beam twinkle.

3D-101G can be operated within 1cm from the wall by the all function fine-adjusting shifting table. No more trouble and difficult construction job for you.

Adapt Hi capacity Li-battery technology to reach long working time more than 8 hrs, no more working stopping by low battery problem. And 3D-101G owns 3 kinds power supply design idea.

Perfect accessories: laser finder + remote control+ fine-adjusting shifting table + AC adaptor + reflecting target. And also have option with Li battery and wall-mount.