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horizon award

Officially announced on 11th August 2014, HORIZON, partnering with our Myanmar representative Zan International, has been declared the winning bidder and would be awarded the contract for possibly the world’s largest tender called for GNSS RTK receivers, total stations and surveying accessories. This was after a series of rigorous, real-time field testing of the our instruments, and a careful evaluation of our product quality, company and brand history, and our capability to support the products we offer. We would be supplying 520 units of Kronos 200M GNSS RTK receivers, 520 units of controllers, and 100 units of HTS-582M total stations along and a large number of accompanying survey accessories after being awarded the tender.

The tender was called by the Settlement and Land Records Department (SLRD), a part of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Myanmar in early 2014.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank SLRD for the opportunity given for us to work with them, to the support and cooperation rendered by our representative company in Myanmar Zan International, and to our global partners, clients and associates who have given us the steadfast vote of confidence, faith and goodwill all these years.